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CTL has been our insurance agent for many many years then also became our bonding agent. Having both functions take place at the same agency makes good sense. Beyond making good sense, CTL is who you want to have in battle with you. They’re so incredibly responsive to all of our needs but especially when we have an issue in securing coverage for one of our clients…they go to bat for us with the insurance company and the bonding company to make sure we’re competitive and protected. Real team players who over the years have become real friends too.

Maura W. Donahue
Executive Vice President, DonahueFavret Contractors, Inc.
President, DonahueFavret Contractors Holding Company


Over our long relationship with Cory, Tucker and Larrowe, their commitment to customer service, attention to detail and continuous improvement has never wavered. We turn to CTL for not only bonding advice, but business advice.  They are a wonderful partner whom we trust and respect.

Caroline Wolfe
Manager of Communications and Culture
Barriere Construction Co., L.L.C.


We love working with these guys. They are very relationship folks, they know the construction industry backwards and forwards. They can help out in more ways than just providing your bonding or insurance needs.They can do this because they know all the players in our Industry. We value our business and personal relationship with them. Keep up the great work.

Joe Covington Jr.
Covington Flooring Co. Inc.


Our partnership with the CTL team is representative of a strong commitment to a high standard of performance in the construction industry. We value our relationship with CTL as we both strive to deliver superior service to our clients. Because of their respect for professionalism, experienced management staff and effective operations, they are a recognized leader in the insurance and bonding business. CTL’s participation in numerous associations and organizations demonstrates their appreciation for actively supporting the construction industry and being well-versed in issues that affect our business operations. We are proud to have the CTL team as our partner!

Rachelle Albright
F.H. Myers Construction Corp.