Our team is experienced in underwriting bonds for all types of contractors in the construction industry. We have the resources, surety knowledge and markets to support your specific bonds whatever they may be.

Many factors affect bonding, such as:

  • Bond amount
  • Type and size of contract
  • Location of the project

  • Contractor’s credit and/or financial standing
  • Contractor’s past project history and currently contracted work

Our goal is to develop a competitive bond program that is best suited for the contractor.  We do this by getting to know them and understanding their business philosophy so we can professionally and effectively represent them to the surety markets.  We are dedicated to establishing a bond program that not only meets a contractor’s immediate needs, but also supports their future growth.


The most common types of bonds offered by Cory, Tucker & Larrowe are:

  • Bid
  • Performance and Payment
  • Release of Lien

  • Retainage
  • Maintenance
  • License and Permit

We would, of course, have the markets and expertise available to assist with any other bonds that you may need.