Company Culture

Cory, Tucker & Larrowe Inc. was founded in 1981 upon the foundational principles of dedication to exemplary service, professionalism, and specialization in the construction field.

We have designed our organizational structure to service contractor’s needs, while retaining the independence necessary to exclusively practice in the construction and industrial service market. Our structure combines the innovation and responsiveness of an entrepreneurial organization, while our staff remains dedicated to the philosophy of providing the absolute best service to our clients.


We are committed to providing that service as a team, rather than working as individual commission-based representatives, and it is an idealogy that has steadfastly strengthened both our organization and client relationships.


As one of the few agencies in the country whose only focus is construction-related business, we have a unique understanding of the contractors, sureties, and insurance carriers’ points of view. The last 37 years have been spent building our reputation, our knowledge of the business, and contacts within the insurance and surety industries so that we may deliver a better product and superior service, to each and every one of our clients.